How to get Android JellyBean on BB10

This guide will teach you step-by-step how to install the new Android JellyBean runtime on your BlackBerry 10 device. Please follow the instructions carefully. If you don’t feel familiar with the steps shown below, you should wait for an official update to BB10.2 instead.


You will install an unofficial operating system on your device, it will reset all your data and settings. We are not responsible for any damage or data loss your device may take.

Backup your device

Because you will lose your data, it’s inevitable that you make a full backup of your device. Connect your device via usb to your pc and open BlackBerry Link. Switch to your device, click settings and create a new backup.

Once that’s done, make sure that you really want to switch to a developer version of BB10. You may not be able to restore your backup on the new OS, however you can still downgrade to your previous OS and restore your backup.

Get the developer OS

You can download the autoloader from here. It’s an about 1GB large windows executable. There’s no way to install the OS using a Mac.
(Source: CrackBerry Forums)

Install BB10.2

When you have the autoloader, connect your device via usb to your pc. Close BlackBerry Link and run the autoloader executable. A command window will popup and your device will restart itself. If your device is password protected, the autoloader will prompt you to enter your password now.

The autoloader will now override your device’s internal storage with the developer OS. When it’s finished, the command window will close itself and your device will reboot. It will now behave like after a factory reset, you will see the setup guide again.

Enjoy the JellyBean runtime

You are now able to use apps requiring the new API versions, you can sideload them like you are used to. The BB10 Sideloading Tool and the apps on our website are ready for the new runtime. Keep in mind that there still are a few limitations, as you can read up here.

How to sideload apps on BB10

This guide will teach you step-by-step how to install .BAR files on your BlackBerry 10 device or BlackBerry PlayBook. If you own a Mac, please follow this guide: Sideloading guide for Mac.



First of all your BlackBerry device and your PC need to be in the same network. Connect your BB10 device with you local Wi-Fi and join that network with your PC. You don’t need to connect your device via USB.
If you don’t have any network available, connect your device via USB and use as IP address.

Development mode

To sideload applications your device needs to be in development mode. You can find this option in

Settings – Security – Development Mode

You will need to setup a password, make sure you don’t forget it. Once the development mode is active, find out your device’s IP address. Therefore go to

Settings – About – Network – IPv4

Install the BB10 Sideloading Tool

You can download it here. Execute and install it (you may need admin rights). The BB10 Sideloading Tool allows you to connect your PC with your device as well as sending and installing selected .BAR files.

Start sideloading


Now start the BB10 Sideloading Tool. You will see a setup guide if you start it for the first time. Click continue until you see the settings screen and enter the IP address of your BlackBerry device and the password for the development mode. Click “Check connection” to see if your network is setup right.

Install .BARs

Now switch to the “Install” tab or restart the tool. Drag and drop your .Bar files into the package icon and click “Start sideloading”.

Let the tool do the work for you

The tool will now send and install each of your selected .BAR files. Don’t interrupt your network connection during this process. Once the tool finished, have a look at your device’s home screen. You will find your sideloaded apps there. If an app is missing, have a look into the log and find out why.

Video tutorial

You can follow this video to setup the BB10 Sideloading Tool for the first time.